Training contents

Michael 'Tiger' Kraft im Element


Improving the game of the goalkeeper and adapting him to the constantly changing conditions, circumstances and the transformation of football.

Michael "Tiger" Kraft


My goalkeepers will practice with a close game play training session and will be prepared for the modern goalkeeping and the competition carefully in individual or group training. I consider it important, that a goalkeeper always decides the situation by his activities of the action – not the opponent. Through my active time as a player and many years of experience as a goalkeeper coach in the senior and junior level, I am able to put my self mentally in to any situation by 100% of a goalkeeper’s thoughts and feelings.


  • Fitness in basic endurance
  • Implementation of all relevant principles of work in special goalkeeper training
  • Game near preparation
  • Positive action of the keeper
  • Decrease intensity in the last unit to attain physical and mental fitness by 100%

 Training contents

  • Warm up
  • Reaction
  • Technique
  • Coordination
  • Quick and bounce
  • Attacking Positioning
  • Fast and accurate game opening
  • Goalkeeper as "Libero"
  • competition preparation
  • Video analysis (incl. error analysis and discussion)
  • 1 versus 1
  • clear first step before the jump
  • direct error correction during training
  • courageous and act active
  • Flat balls
  • cross balls
  • Theory & Tactics
  • Cooperation with athletic coaches
  • mental training
  • Basics of position game

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